The claims service challenge: more talk, more EQ...

Sep 28, 2012

Q3 results of Claims Performance Monitor are out and we’re still seeing overall declines in service satisfaction.  Service attributes such as communication and responsiveness also continue to trend downward.

In Q3 results brokers say their biggest challenges are:

  1. maintaining relationships with claims teams through ECF
  2. ensuring they deliver a high standard of service to their clients
  3. volatility of environmental and economic factors

The third challenge is out of everyone’s control, but a focus on two key aspects of service will help to make life easier for brokers and clients living in uncertain times.

Have more conversations:   Conversations solve problems, not computers – the more conversations you have, the more likely that brokers will rate your service highly.  So, as you’re about to send that next email think; ‘would a quick call make a difference?’

“Perhaps try to pick up the phone rather than make queries, or face-to-face meetings to resolve issues rather than going backwards and forwards on ECF”

“Be more open at the different stages of the claim, have discussions and conversations.”

Build your emotional quotient:  drop your prejudices; put yourself in the position of the broker – try ato get a feel for what the broker needs to deliver a good service and the pressures he or she is under. If you’re still not sure – call them and ask the question – work out with them how you can help them most; sometimes it's just the fact of listening that relieves the tension. Wherever possible, work together to create satisfied clients.

“Be aware that we all have common clients and they want their claims paid.”

“Better understanding of the client’s position in claims.”