The claims talent challenge

Apr 18, 2013

Claims Directors realise that the acquisition, development and retention of talented individuals is key to developing a strong claims offering in an increasingly competitive market. The talent challenge is about promoting the message that claims is a real career option.

To make this happen claims should focus on four key areas:

  1. Defining ambition:  good people want to work in successful teams, so defining what success means is essential to attracting the best talent:  where do we want to get to, what do we stand for and why are we superior?
  2. Promoting the service culture: To become a part of the ‘shop window’, claims teams should target and develop the sort of people who see every claims interaction as a marketing opportunity for the business.
  3. Learning and Development focused on leadership: The CII provides a strong framework for the technical aspects of the claims function. However the industry also needs a focus on training and developing management, communication and leadership skills; doing this will create a future pipeline of claims leaders who sit on Boards not in backrooms.
  4. Promote the job: highlight the valuable and interesting work that claims teams do; capture the imagination of quality people inside and outside the business so they want to be part of the developing story.

It may be early days, but change is definitely in the air. The most talented teams are less and less satisfied with operating in the old ‘adjusting’ comfort zone. They need to keep pushing hard to be an essential part of business development or they won’t get the investment and status or the top talent that they deserve - and their companies need.

Claims teams are tiptoeing into new territory, but they need to gain the confidence to adopt a more prominent role in the life of the businesses they serve.