Curating Claims Online

Apr 08, 2016

With the recent influx of mergers and acquisitions in the insurance world, it is safe to say that there has been a substantial increase in investment across the market in traditional marketing activities, including brand positioning, design, logos and websites.  As Ben Bolton commented in our previous newsletter brand is about authenticity not logos, some insurers are doing this well, taking the opportunity to combine existing strengths and leverage them into a new brand which is more than the sum of its parts, whilst others are making a quick change to the logo and going on as normal. 

But, in light of Ben’s commentary, have any insurers taken the opportunity to shine a spotlight on Claims in their new websites? And if they were to do so, which insurers are already doing it well?

To investigate this I began my search with a basic website review of a sample of ten prominent London Market insurers.  Of these, the majority had clear navigation to their Claims page on their home page but the similarities ended there. 

Through my review I have found that the key to success lies in three overarching principles, they are:

1. Philosophy 

Of the insurers I reviewed the majority of them clearly displayed their Claims proposition using words like honesty, truth, ‘Claims is at the heart of our business’ and good faith.  Several insurers state their position in 4-5 key words. For Hiscox it is, Expertise, Efficiency, Empathy and Fairness; Sompo Canopius on the other hand uses their PACE principle of Partnership, Accessibility, Culture and Efficiency. 

2. Accessibility 

As well as setting out their Claims proposition many insurers in the market display the names, photo and contact information of their key Claims contacts.  Some were very up front about the best person to contact, clearly displaying telephone numbers and email addresses; XL Catlin additionally showed their team’s calendar online. There is an argument to be made that the more accessible the team appears willing to be, the more genuine the commitment to excellent Claims service seems.

3. Facts and Figures 

Syndicates like ArgoGlobal had a myriad of information about their claims offering, clearly displaying claims statistics, turn-around times, team information and an online booking system. Most teams have access to stats, whether they are ‘hard’ metrics, or ‘soft’ metrics, like those from our London Claims Report.  Claims teams that perform well should shout about it.

Finally, insurers putting Claims at the heart of their propositions must ensure that it is communicated in a way which aligns with the wider brand proposition. I was struck by the similarity in the language used around Claims, phrases like, ‘we do what’s right’ or ‘we made a promise’ are used to reassure and promote trust and integrity. This is exactly right, but insurers who wish to differentiate themselves in the Claims space should endeavour to go beyond pithy slogans and strive to convey genuine commitment to service, which resonates across the wider business and brand.  


Greer Stead, Marketing and Communications Manager.