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Internal performance review

We work with your team to develop the actions plans you need to succeed

Proposition Builder

This new fast-changing landscape requires new propositions to exploit new needs and opportunities.


We have a tried and tested approach that engages an organisation’s stakeholders in the project, rooted in data-evidence.


An objective programme teams can align around. We have adapted our approach to suit the online collaboration environment.  

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NPS Performance Builder

Identifies 2-3 key specific actions with clear internal ownership to drive a step-change in a client's NPS performance.


Deep-dives into the root causes of NPS decline, using NPS detractor analytics identifying underlying issues.


A team action planning workshop subsequently identifies 2-3 “massive actions” the team can rally behind and action.


Team action planning

Utilising Gracechurch existing benchmarking data and consultants in conjunction with bespoke research to develop relevant actions, fast. 


We use tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar online platforms encouraging team collaboration.

Virtual Team Meeting
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Get in touch to see how we can bespoke a package that works for your company.