The Gracechurch Report: 2012 claims performance ranking

Feb 08, 2013

We have just issued a press release about our 2012 Claims Performance report.

The release draws attention to the slight (but worrying) overall decline in London Market service standards and draws attention to the variable performance of insurer claims teams.

It shows for the first time the ranking of the best and worst performers in the market.  And highlights the players who have improved the most.

This is our 'official ranking' for the study and we will issue it every 6 months.

The  detailed findings are being actively used by many of our clients and it is notable how few of those are in the bottom quartile.

Performance is most affected by people aspects of service and this is where the leading performers have really seen returns on their investment.

We are also seeing trends that indicate a greater emphasis on claims service quality:  brokers saying that clients are demanding better claims service and that insurers need to step up to the plate in terms of delivery.

The focus on claims performance is set to become more intense and we will be at the heart of it.

Click here to view the press release