Private Equity 2013

May 13, 2013

Today we released the findings from our 2013 Private Equity & Reputation report.

Private Equity Performance and Reputation 2013 is the only international syndicated study into reputation in Private Equity.  The study was last conducted in 2010 and comprises over 300 investor interviews with key influencers and decision makers.

When we first conducted the study in 2010, there was an urgent need for significant improvement among Private Equity firms in terms of their transparency and communication with investors. There were also a number of individuals firms with very poor reputational scores that appeared to be dragging the industry down.

Little has changed in 2013 with investors still calling for improved performance among firms. The 2013 results show that, in aggregate, Private Equity firms are not positively regarded compared to other industries such as the Legal sector or Insurance. This negativity is driven by factors such as perceived lack of integrity around the deal process and a lack of alignment around the objectives of the deal.

We have also released a ranking of Private Equity firms according to overall investor opinion which shows a high degree of polarity been top and bottom rated players.

The research does however garner more optimistic perceptions of the industry in general terms, such as its positive contribution to the economy and its ability to exhibit a greater degree of operational improvement than public companies.

Private Equity firms therefore need to capitalise on these more positive messages through improving performance and developing distinctive brands which align with the interests of their investors.

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