What is the Gracechurch Service Quality Marque? 

  • A Service Quality Marque is awarded annually to businesses who are proven to deliver consistently above-average service quality over a period of time. It is derived from independent robust evidence (for example, London Claims is based on over 20,000 data points). 
  • The award is based on the views of specialist claims brokers. In the future we will partner with our clients to add other relevant quality metrics, including policyholders’ feedback, internal staff values, processes, innovation and so on.
  • As of 2017 we now have quality marques for London Market Insurance Law, US Claims and Mid-Market Claims.


 Why a Service Quality Marque?

  • Enhances clients’ ability to win and attract new business through independently evidencing quality service.
  • Enables recipients’ clients to have positive conversations with all stakeholders about the service they deliver.
  • Supports and encourages wider market understanding of quality service.
  • Sets external published standards that insurers’ teams will live up to going forward.
  • Raises the bar as more insurers achieve higher service standards.

 Outstanding Quality Marque.jpg


This award is based on three service pillars that designate service performance as Outstanding:

"Players that can position themselves as distinctive
and consistent ‘brands’
will have the best chance
of becoming the
acknowledged market
- Ben Bolton,
CEO Gracechurch