The Gracechurch Broker Experience Report

The Gracechurch Broker Experience report, which launched in 2014, is an annual benchmarking study which focuses on the office ‘experience’ insurers who operate in the London Market provide for their brokers. It was inspired by the many physical moves in the London Market from mid-2014 and it essentially evaluates insurers’ offices, with focus on ambience, service and facilities offered.

The Report is an innovative research project that evaluates the impact of new office environments on the brokers who visit the offices to trade with the underwriters. The outcome is an assessment of the importance of the office space to broker choice and favourability toward a given business.

The Gracechurch Broker Experience Report is based on a representative cross-market sample of London Market placing and producing brokers, screened for specialisation.

Our clients typically use the Report to:

  • Assess the quality of their office facilities, service quality, and ambience compared with the rest of the market.
  • Plan, or monitor the performance of, their office spaces.
  • Track whether their offices are communicating their brand effectively.
  • Measure the performance of their underwriters at the offices vs. the box
  • Monitor the flow of business between the box and the office

To access the broker charter please click here.