Insurance Law Monitor

The Gracechurch London Insurance Law Report, which launched in 2013, is an independent benchmarking study which focuses on the performance and reputation of London’s top law firms within the London Insurance market.

The report, the first of its kind in the market, enables clients to maximise opportunities to grow relationships with insurers in this dynamic marketplace.

The Gracechurch Insurance Law Report comprises of two parts. The first is The Strategic Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the market as well as bespoke ratings and feedback for individual clients. Clients are able to gain insight into the specific issues impacting their companies.

The Report also includes a new component, The Verbatim Viewer in Excel, now allowing clients to gain clear and easy access to all the comments about their services and teams.

The report enables clients to:

  • Understand how to maximise growth opportunities in relationships with insurers.
  • Track to what extent London insurers’ views have changed and rate performance against the competition.
  • Understand the future expectations of insurers in London and Asia Pacific.
  • Evaluate how effective their partners and teams are at building strong commercial relationships.
  • Discover areas of potential growth, improvement and development.


Results from the 2013 study were used by clients to drive performance improvement and to evidence and reinforce the quality of their performance.

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