The London Claims Report

The leading independent report on London Market Claims Service was established in 2009 and continues to report quarterly, creating robust and action-sensitive trends on claims service performance for London’s top insurance companies.

The London Claims Report is an independent study which evaluates the corporate reputation of leading insurers, measures quality of service, and determines the credibility of claims service teams with key brokers. We have around 25 insurance clients who use this and our other Reports on claims service.

Key outcomes of the study:

  • Our clients make up the majority of London leading market insurers and actively use detailed findings to support key decisions about Claims service quality.
  • Clients who have utilised the data in our report and acted on our recommendations have shown proven improvements in service quality.
  • Many of our well-performing clients publicise their quarterly performance in press releases and on their websites.
  • Eight out of ten Claims brokers say that they believe the Gracechurch Report has a positive impact on Claims service quality.

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