The Gracechurch Marketing Effectiveness Report

The Gracechurch Marketing Effectiveness Report is a multi-client, collaborative project that helps London Market teams to understand what really works in terms of marketing activity. It delivers clear, tailored recommendations on how you can implement a cost-effective marketing plan that truly supports your business strategy. 

The Report offers clients detailed analysis of the effectiveness of their marketing channels, looking at how to optimise your 2017 Marketing Programme, as well as important objective evidence on how you benchmark against your peers in the market.

The Report comprises of two parts: Marketing Effectiveness and Marketing Benchmarking. It covers key intelligence that marketing teams require to build cohesive, trusted brands in the competitive London market.


Insights the Marketing Effectiveness report include:

  • A full market overview of which insurers are leading across all aspects of the marketing mix, including: sponsorship, advertising, thought leadership, print materials and digital
  • Brand strength and market positioning, along with information about competitors' strengths and weaknesses in each of the marketing channels.
  • Bespoke ratings and feedback on levels of marketing impact for each insurer's individual marketing programme.
  • Recommendations on how to market effectively to brokers as well as client best practice in each marketing channel.
  • A benchmark of current marketing performance standards that enables clients to build competitive brands and create opportunities to win more quality business.


 Insights the Marketing Benchmarking report include:

  • A mix of quantitative and qualitative evidence from which we benchmark a number of Marketing function of players in the London Market and evaluate typical and best practices for insurer marketing.
  • Broad comparative feedback on marketing strategies, challenges, and issues that each team faces and the projected development of the respective marketing functions.
  • Marketing activities and associated spends broken down by types of activity and channels used so that businesses can measure their own investment against their peers in the market.
  • Also how success is measured, team resources and capabilities, internal communications, structures, use of external providers, training.


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