The Gracechurch Malaysian Insurers Report

The Gracechurch Malaysia Insurers report is an independent Report on Corporate Reputation and Underwriting Performance in the Malaysian market.

The Report shows competitive strengths and weaknesses and how likely brokers are to consider insurers for quality business. It also provides invaluable input for business development planning, sales initiatives and strategy.

It covers vital intelligence that ambitious businesses need to make better decisions in order to grow in a competitive market. Key insights in the report include:

  • An overview of the market as a whole highlighting its strengths and weaknesses
  • Key players and their strengths and weaknesses within the market
  • An overview of service performance standards giving clients a competitive edge
  • Insights into the relationship between the brokers and the insurer and how this relationship can enable clients to secure more quality business in different market segments e.g. local vs. international brokers, Takaful
  • Client best practice, how clients should communicate with brokers effectively about risk appetite and capability.

It also provides detailed analysis on the performance of underwriting teams: their strengths, weaknesses and how to win more good quality business, as well as which underwriters are considered to be leaders in the market.

The Gracechurch Singapore Insurers, Malaysia Insurers, and Hong Kong Insurers Reports can be purchased as a collective suite.

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