London's Leading Underwriters and Kalibrate



London's Leading Underwriters is now in its seventh year and is used by leading insurers to plan and implement their business development strategies. The Report lists the underwriters who are voted as market leaders by fellow underwriters and by brokers. 

As well as ranking nearly 800 individual underwriters, the Report analyses over 6,000 verbatim responses and identifies the key characteristics that define leading underwriters.


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With its origins in The Gracechurch London’s Leading Underwriter ranking, Kalibrate is the first talent management tool developed exclusively for the London Insurance Market.

Kalibrate is a detailed benchmarking tool based on the Leading underwriter nominations from 450 London Market Producing and Placing Brokers, and 200 London Market Underwriters, across 11 business lines. It contains rich verbatim commentary on why each underwriter has been nominated a leader in their field, enabling insurers to understand how talent drives business.


Our clients use Kalibrate to:

  • Provide external data on underwriting talent.
  • Better inform talent management decisions.
  • Support a wide range of people and business planning initiatives.
  • Develop and retain the top talent and formulate succession plans.


The response in terms of richness of data and engagement is the highest of any research that we do in this sector and that is testament to just how relevant and important the underwriters still are to the insurance business.


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