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Bespoke Packages

We work with your team to develop the actions plans you need to succeed

Business Conference

Utilising Gracechurch existing benchmarking data and consultants in conjunction with bespoke research to develop relevant actions, fast - identifying 2-3 “massive actions” the team can rally behind and action.


We use tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar online platforms encouraging team collaboration.

Recent bespoke projects

Brand development

A 360 market interpretations of a clients' brand development. A strong, clearly positioned brand identity is increasingly important to create competitive advantage in the financial services sector.

Proposition development

Enable the [client] to communicate with the clients and prospects in a way that ensures it will be first choice for the work at which it excels and that will enable it to grow profitably.

Claims service refresh

Create a single culture with clear leadership, personal responsibility, commitment to quality, empowerment, flexibility and a customer-focused claims business that is at the heart of the clients proposition.

Internal gap review

Evaluate the internal and external interpretation of client needs and company performance. Review effectiveness and output from multiple branches of the company. Insight into the key challenges facing teams.

create your bespoke package

Get in touch to see how we can bespoke a package that works for your company.

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