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 A specialist customer and broker research unit

Phone Operator

What is the Pulse Unit?

The Gracechurch Pulse Unit has been set up to complement our quantitative data collection with in-person interviews.

Through the Pulse Unit we conduct in person semi-structured interviews, unstructured in-depth interviews and Focus Groups (online and in-person). 


The Pulse Unit also offers a general omnibus survey which allows clients to buy their own questions on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Why a specialist unit?

The insurance market is specialised and quite complex. 


Our interviewers are specially trained and experienced in the insurance market and sit alongside the Gracechurch research team, constantly improving and refining their approach to ensure high quality data is obtained from respondents. 


Building rapport with the market means we get the most candid responses from the right people.

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At the Office

Who can we interview?

The Pulse Unit is linked directly to Gracechurch’s unique class-leading insurer database so we can target any group that matters to our clients, including:

  • Placing brokers

  • Claims brokers

  • Claims advocates and adjusters

  • Policyholders

  • TPA’s

  • Lawyers

  • Underwriters

  • C-Suite

  • Tech leaders

  • Analysts and Press– in key insurance hubs around the world.

dynamic overview of client needs

The Pulse Unit allow us to go beyond the statistics and get under the skin of your broker and customer needs. 

improve your performance

This precious evidence helps clients to understand precisely what they need to do to improve performance.

gain a deeper understanding

It helps clients to understand the real experiences of brokers and customers in relation to the service and products that they choose.

Marble Surface

Get the answers to the questions that matter most to your business.

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