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2023/24 Reporting Timetable

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Oct 3


London's Leading Broker 2023

The London’s Leading Brokers Report 2023 reviews all the rankings across nine major lines and includes new analysis of why Brokers are chosen, as well as the trends in the sector. The Report also showcases the diverse range of broking businesses competing in the London Market.

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Nov 30


UK Regional Market’s Leading Insurer Teams

The UK regional leading teams index and report will be the first of its kind. This report celebrates the best underwriting teams in the UK insurance industry based on nominations from brokers across the UK markets. This sits alongside the London’s Leading Underwriter and London’s Leading Broker report as a showcase for the talent in the UK insurance industry.



Employer Brand SQM

Coming in 2024, the Employer Quality Marque (EQM) will be awarded to the insurers that are considered excellent employers across major functions: underwriting, claims and support services.



Claims Service Quality Marque Achievers 2024

The Gracechurch Service Quality Marque is awarded annually based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) achieved by each insurer over the previous year combined with how they rate on Communications and Commerciality.


Based on the Gracechurch evidence, SQM achievers deliver great service experiences consistently at least 75% of the time, and rate highly on being customer focused.

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London Market Brand Index 2024

The London Market brand index 2024 ranks the top 20 leading London Market insurer brands based on a combined measure of Market Share and Share of Mind. These brands represent the true leaders in the London Market and their trusted reputations and sheer commercial power mean that they are the businesses who others follow.



Underwriting Service Quality Marque Achievers 2024

The inaugural underwriting Service Quality Marque (SQM) will be awarded to the underwriting teams that consistently deliver excellence. The SQM will be awarded to Insurers overall, whilst individual teams will be commended on their performance by class of business.

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