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Terms of use

1.1 Licensing of Reports and Gracechurch Materials

  • This schedule applies if you wish to license any report or other Gracechurch materials for advertising, branding, marketing or sponsorship purposes.


1.2 Campaign Information and Set Up


  • If you wish to license Gracechurch materials you agree to provide us with the relevant artwork, links, copy, images, video materials (“Creative”) which will be used or included as part of the proposed promotional, advertising or marketing campaign (“Campaign”). 

  • You also agree to provide us with such information in relation to the Campaign as we may reasonably request including where the Campaign will be published or promoted and how long the Campaign will be live.


1.3 Consent and License

  • We may refuse to give consent to a given Campaign for any reason and we may require that changes are made to Creative or to the Campaign as a condition of consent.

  • Where consent is granted in principle we will agree a fee, if not included in your agreement, for the licensed use and will provide a license agreement.

  • Prior to publication or launch of the Campaign you agree to send a final specification of the Creative and details of the Campaign publication including the timing, channels and nature of the proposed publication to you for approval.

  • Any licensed use will be for the specific Campaign for which we have granted consent.


1.4 General

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing no, Campaign will be exclusive to you and we may supply content for other campaigns and clients including for your competitors. 

  • You agree that all Campaign Creative and the Campaign itself will comply with all relevant legislation and codes of conduct in respect of financial promotions, financial services and marketing campaigns generally including the then current regulations, FCA guidelines, Direct Marketing Association guidelines, Advertising Standards Agency Code of Practice, the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion Practice and all relevant Data Protection legislation and you agree to indemnify us for any breach of such legislation.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the Campaign is in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements and you must inform us where specific disclaimers or other information is required pursuant to relevant legislation or codes of conduct.

  • Where you publish a Campaign through a third party platform (e.g. Twitter) you agree that you will be subject to and agree to be bound by any additional terms or codes of conduct applicable to such third party platform.


1.5 Contact

Questions, comments and requests regarding the terms of use are welcomed and should be addressed to

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