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Social Responsibility

 Sustainability and social responsibility are integral to our corporate strategy and we are committed to creating added value for our clients, survey community and employees. 

Together for Ukraine

In order to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine we are donating money on behalf of those who take part in our surveys. 

We are supporting the charity campaign #TogetherForUkraine whereby 100% of the funding goes to support foundations in Poland that helps those most affected from Ukraine.

Image by Miha Rekar

The Gracechurch Forest

Gracechurch is giving back to the environment, offsetting our carbon footprint and giving survey responders and clients the option to get involved too. 

We are currently offering a tree to be planted for each survey completed.

Support for Charities

For selected surveys, we gift a charity donation to the survey respondent whereby they can choose their selected charity to donate to.

We are proud of the charities we have been supporting.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Casual Meeting

Equal Opportunities

We are proud to be an inclusive bunch who are predominantly interested in your talent, skills and individuality and not your personal characteristics.

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