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UK Insurers Monitor

The UK Insurers Monitor (UKIM) focuses on placing brokers in the UK regional market, tracking the reputation of the leading insurer brands and service performance.

This study will be conducted in partnership with BIBA. BIBA wanted an independent objective measure of service among its members and the market overall so that it could evaluate the level of service being delivered by insurers to customers via the broker. 

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The BIBA partnership allows us to build out the study in terms of robustness and quality while retaining independence. It also means that service issues can be raised and addressed constructively at an industry sector level, which we believe will help raise the bar on service. 

Service data will be provided via Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and linked questions on strengths, weaknesses and improvements. The study will also include coverage of marketing recall and main communications channels.

The latest UK Insurers Monitor results have been released and the report is available for download now. Access the report below.

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