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Gracechurch Brand Panel

Gracechurch's brand reports give our survey community the opportunity to share your opinion on which insurers brands are effective, who is marketing themselves well, and what communications are important when considering insurers as collaborators or employers.

Why take part?

Brand building has become an essential element in the 21st century for any business to succeed. By taking part in our survey, you let the insurers know what elements you are responding to, what their current reputation is, and what you would like to see going forward. The better quality, more robust data we receive means insurers can streamline their identity and marketing and provide more of what you want.

The survey, which can be completed via a supplied unique link, is confidential and will be conducted according to the highest professional research standards.


Sign up to the Brand Panel.

What do you get in return?

In return for taking part in this short survey, you will be one of the first to receive the findings, plus we will plant a tree in the Gracechurch forest on your behalf. You will also receive a £15 Amazon or charity voucher.

Please note

Gracechurch is completely independent and methodology or interpretation of results aren't influenced by any third parties. All research is independently managed to established industry Market Research standards by Gracechurch.

Marketing effectiveness website.png

Join the Brand Panel

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  • Can I take part in the surveys without signing up to the Gracechurch Panel?
    Of course, you can just complete surveys as they drop into your inbox like you always have, however without signing into the Gracechurch Panel account you won't have access to the dashboard of findings and trends we share on a regular basis.
  • Can my colleague join the Gracechurch Panel, even if they haven't done a survey before?"
    Yes, of course. All they need to do is sign up and they will begin receiving invites to relevant surveys, and of course all the perks that come with it.
  • Who can join the Gracechurch Panel?
    Brokers, underwriters, claims advocates, insurance lawyers, Third Party providers and InsurTech's are all welcome. ​ We strive for a representative and objective view of the market as a whole, and the Exchange comprises a cross-section of junior middle to senior executives. Our expanding reports cover the major Global insurance hubs, including London Market, North America and Asia Pacific.
  • Is my data safe?
    Yes, your data is secure on our web server. We don't share your personal information with any third parties, we will not spam you with irrelevant emails, and you can choose to opt out at any time. You are in complete control. Click here to see our privacy policy
  • I've received an email invite but the link isn't working
    Sorry to hear that. Although rare, we do get the odd technical glitch. Please note, these links are unique for the individual and can only be used once, you won't be able to use a link that has been forwarded on to you. In either case, just drop us an email at and we'll get another link sent out to you.
  • Can I take part in multiple surveys?
    Yes! As long as you meet the screening criteria, you can take part in as many surveys as you like. Not only that, but you will receive the perks for each survey you submit from have a tree planted in your name to earning yourself an Amazon voucher. If there is a survey you are interested in taking part in, just let us know.
  • How will my answers for these surveys be used?
    Your answers get pooled together and analysed once the research is completed. We will then create an overall view of market opinions and challenges. These will be presented to our paying clients so they have the opportunity to learn what your needs are, and also used in Trend Trackers, respondent summaries and referenced at events. Your details are always kept confidential.
  • Is my identity kept anonymous?
    Yes, completely. We will never share your name or company in the public domain or to our clients. To ensure anonymity, you are assigned a unique link for each survey you participate in, and will have a unique number assigned to you. This enables us to keep your personal details completely separate whilst maintaining the ability to track whether you have completed the survey - so we don't keep asking you to participate, and we can make sure received your vouchers and/or trees.
  • Which locations do you operate in?
    Our expanding reports cover the major Global insurance hubs, including London Market, North America and Asia Pacific.
  • I've completed a survey, when do I get sent my voucher?
    Amazon vouchers and charity vouchers are processed every Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for an email - make sure to check your junk if you haven't received it by 5pm. Tree's will also be processed every Friday, and you'll receive a downloadable tree certificate from Tree Nation.
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