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Burgess & Bolton: 2022 predictions

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Season 6 Episode 1

This week we tackle the big issues - why is No-Vax Djokovic's family having a jumble sale? Can we predict the future? Is having Christmas 2.0 a good idea?

Ben Bolton and Jeremy Burgess discuss the hot topics in the news including:

  • Elizabeth Holmes: Theranos founder convicted of fraud

  • Many InsurTech's go under quietly while others ride the funding wave

  • Novak Djokovic visa: Australia says tennis star is not being held captive

  • The word on the data street: insight from Slipcase top read articles in 2021

7 predictions for 2022:

  • The role of technology

  • Alternative uses for AI

  • ESG will become more important to organisations

  • The future of the office in London

  • Growth in marketing and brand development in the insurance industry

  • The Lloyd's Room update

  • eTrading taking off in London

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