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Burgess & Bolton: Technology and innovation the London market

Season 6 Episode 3

Ben Bolton and Jeremy Burgess discuss the hot topics in the news including:

  • Burgess & Bolton preview TINtech London Market 2022

  • How is Lloyd’s transforming the digital capabilities of the insurance marketplace?

  • Is Lloyd’s giving up their building after 40 years?

  • Why have Phoenix Insurance not allowed the words ‘energetic’ and ‘enthusiastic’ in their job advertainments?

  • Burgess and Bolton translate job descriptions into more realistic terms

  • Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)- promoting and increasing awareness of innovative outcomes led by the London Market. How has the pandemic impacted innovation in the London Market?

  • How have insured losses increased since 1970? Burgess & Bolton discuss man-made, weather-related, earthquake, and tsunami losses.

  • A book review of ‘The Road to Conscious Machines, The Story of AI by Michael Woolridge’.

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