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Delivering change in the London market

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Season 4 Episode 6

This week Burgess and Bolton are joined by Claire Knight to discuss modernisation and transformation in the London market.

Ben Bolton and Jeremy Burgess discuss the hot topics in the news including:

  • Asia division of AXA have been hit with a ransomware attack

  • The first fully autonomous ship to sail across the Atlantic without a crew

Guest of the week: Claire Knight, an independent consultant with a wealth of experience in the London Market join Ben Bolton and Jeremy Burgess to discuss:

  • The challenges and complexities in the delegated authority space (DA)

  • The appetite, willingness, and momentum in the market for change

  • Collaborating in the digital space- pre and post COVID.

  • The limits Lloyd’s places on capacity.

  • Brokers life and pay – expense ratio vs acquisition cost.

  • New innovations and concepts in the market.

  • Instant messaging in the market- is there enough fluidity? She believes Brexit, GDPR and regulations should not be used as barriers any longer.

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