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UK Claims survey respondents support reforestation projects in Mozambique

In light of the growing environmental concerns around the world, Gracechurch has pledged to plant a tree for each survey completed throughout the year. Each study in 2022 will support a reforestation project; for our UK Claims study we are donating trees to Eden Reforestation Projects in Mozambique.

Restoring damaged mangrove estuaries and forests

Eden Projects began the program in Mozambique in October 2018 with the aim of restoring damaged mangrove estuaries and forests. The project now runs across seven sites, supports local communities, offers long term employment and livelihood improvements, while also addressing the urgent need for poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.

Why is the project important?

In local areas, the mangroves are critical to:

  • Helping protect coastal communities from environmental disasters

  • Removing carbon from the atmosphere

  • Improving fisheries

  • Increasing biodiversity in surrounding areas

  • Offering long-term employment and livelihood improvements to local communities

There are several benefits provided by this species of plant, it protects the coastline from floods and storms, it avoids coast erosion and its medicinal properties have been used for treating a number of diseases.


So far, the Eden Reforestation Projects have planted over 43,000 trees in Mozambique, equating to over 2215 tonnes of CO2 being offset so far, which is equivalent to offsetting the electricity consumption of 1500 average households for a year.

By taking part in our UK Claims survey, you help to support this project. Each tree is fast growing and offsets 50kg of CO2 in its lifetime (on average 25 years).

Eden Projects says:

"Despite political unrest, violent hurricanes, and COVID lockdowns, your donations are helping us to reforest mangroves in Mozambique and empower our local team with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency, improved health, and education. Help us finish the year strong and hit the ground running in 2022. By donating, you help ensure the employment of local communities to restore and protect their natural environment and help fight climate change."

Get involved

The UK Claims survey is open for respondents now and wants to hear from claims professionals regarding the services and providers they use, how they can be improved and what makes a successful claims service.

To take part in the survey, help raise the bar in claims service and do your bit for the environment, please sign up here.

We are also offering a donation on your behalf to the Together For Ukraine charity campaign to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Sustainability and social responsibility are integral to our corporate strategy, and we are committed to creating added value for our clients, survey community and employees. Find more info here:

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