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London’s leading cyber and casualty brokers revealed

by Scott Vincent for The Insurer

Lyndsey Bauer has been voted the top cyber broker in the latest Gracechurch London’s Leading Brokers 2021 survey, with Bauer one of three representatives from specialist broker Paragon to make the top five in the cyber class.

Respondents to the survey praised Paragon’s cyber brokers for their “technicality, pragmatism and ability to make [the] deal making process ‘easy and seamless’”. Paragon’s Rob Layzell and William Wright also ranked among the top five cyber brokers alongside Aon’s Alistair Clarke and Lockton’s Lucy Scott.

Lockton’s head of London North America, Mark Higgins, has been named as London’s leading casualty broker in the survey, ahead of Aon’s Andrew Cooper in second place.

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