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Brokers are loving… Claims Portals

Carrier provided tech portals are becoming increasingly common, especially in the UK mid-market but elsewhere too. And guess what, they're working well for brokers!

The best carriers blend technology seamlessly with excellent in-person service. In the US claims technology puts brokers in control improving access to essential MI in a market where communication issues have caused a service meltdown.

56% of US Market use claims portals in 2021

"Since I can't get an adjuster to return calls or answer emails sometimes I am able to find the requested information on the online claims portal"

~ US Claims Advocate

78% of UK Mid-Market use claims portals in 2021

"Claims portals are brilliant, if they work as well as they should do. Improves speed, and reduces call waiting times."

~ UK Claims Manager

In the US and UK regional markets portals are really helping brokers to quickly obtain the MI they need to keep customers in the loop. It’s expected that in 3-5 years’ time every carrier worth its salt will have some sort of interactive claims interface - and the technology will have moved on, with tools like Live Chat being more fully developed.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in London as there is rising frustration about the lack of good claims tech in the Market.

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