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Let's raise the bar in insurer service!

After concerns were raised by BIBA’s advisory boards about insurer service BIBA has, in partnership with Gracechurch, established an industry-wide independent benchmark survey of current perceptions.

The goal is to help BIBA objectively understand broker challenges and where service issues are most acute (e.g. by business class, region etc.). The results will be used to create a constructive, industry-wide dialogue about improving service to customers, and gain deeper understanding of how specific relevant developments, such as E-trading are working out.

The survey, which can be completed via a supplied unique link is confidential, and will be conducted according to the highest professional research standards.

In the words of Steve White, Chief Executive at BIBA:

"If you haven't yet engaged, please do so. The more of you who engage with this benchmarking survey, the more confidence we can have in the results that come forward."

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