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Powered by Gracechurch: Insurindex

Insurindex is a joint venture between Gracechurch, the commercial insurance market customer reputation and research specialist, and brand and digital marketing specialist Brandex. Gracechurch has been tracking the London insurance brands for more than 20 years and now benchmarks other insurance hubs around the world. Brandex has worked with many insurance entities developing their brands and implementing strategies.

Brand, though a concept not always well understood in our Market, will, we believe, prove vital to those businesses that thrive in future years as our industry modernises and adapts to new risks, new challenges and new ways of working. “A great brand is a promise kept” – an apt adage for an industry whose product is sold on a pledge to pay claims.

As the London Market continues to modernise, building recognisable, trusted and aspirational brands will play a hugely important role in not only helping companies to stand out from the pack now, but to create sustainable business models for the future. Brand is vital in attracting both customers and talent. As they face the looming talent gap, London Market insurers need more than ever before to be able to recruit the very best young professionals and, in turn, prove their value proposition and secure the best business.

Despite recent investments in marketing, many London Market insurance brands still lag their peers in other industries in terms of recognition. Too often insurance is still viewed as opaque to those outside the industry, and insurance brands and what they represent are not well understood.

We hope Insurindex can go some way to changing that. In other industries, indices have played a vital role in growing brand value and giving trusted third party recognition. Insurindex will provide independent ranking and analysis to help insurance brands understand what they are doing well, what they could be doing better, and what customers, employees and other stakeholders expect.

We want to be able to showcase to customers and other stakeholders who the top players in the London Insurance Market are – and why!

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