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Together For Ukraine

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Update: Throughout March, in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, we have been making donations to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland in exchange for completed surveys. So far we have donated over £2600.

Every questionnaire will make a difference to ordinary Ukrainians fleeing war. We will also be asking our community to share the initiative to encourage even more donations.

As it progresses, we will keep our community updated.

Thank you in advance for your help; we know this is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but one that we hope will make some difference to innocent families.

More information

We researched a number of options before deciding to support #TogetherForUkraine: we are completely confident that 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the charity. The main objective is to support foundations in Poland that help those most affected from Ukraine with:

  • medical support

  • food

  • defence equipment (like helmets or vests)

  • short term shelter or a long stay place

A message from the organiser of this fundraiser:

"The situation in Ukraine shocked all of Europe.

We Poles, as the closest neighbours, feel obliged to help. We are launching an official fundraising platform, dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to victims of war, and just regular people who can be in potential danger.

Since the war broke out, every day we watch thousands of Ukrainian men leave Poland to fight for their country. At the same time, thousands of women, children, and seniors come to the Polish border looking for shelter. So, we organize the transport, housing, and food for them.

We have been running a charity campaign called #TogetherForUkraine. It’s a coordinated action in which as many as 16 different non-profit organizations take part."

Finally, Gracechurch will also continue to support the environment planting trees for every survey completed.

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