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London Insurers survey respondents are helping to support Trees for Tigers in India

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

As part of our sustainability pledge for 2022, we are dedicated to planting trees on behalf of our survey responders. For our London Insurers survey, we are donating trees to The Tiger Project in Similpal National Park in the State of Odisha.

Similpal National Park is home to the only known habitat of the elusive melanistic, or black, tigers and is one of India’s oldest tiger reserves. The land is made up of 2,750 sq km of forest and is prime habitat for tigers, prey species and elephants.

This project plans to plant 50,000 trees to help:

  • Revive degraded, deforested and fragmented forests maintaining the ecological balance;

  • Improve wildlife habitat and maintain the animal movement corridor for endemic and endangered fauna of the region, especially tigers;

  • Improve forest-based livelihood opportunities among the local communities with the planting of valued indigenous trees;

  • Revive the population of tigers;

  • Improve the ecosystem services with the access of local communities to the collection of fuel wood, and another minor forest produces, thereby, also contribute to reviving the traditional conservation cultures.

The London Insurers Monitor (LIM) is the leading independent report on corporate reputation and underwriting performance in the London insurance Market.

To take part in this survey, have your say on leading underwriters and support the Trees for Tiger project in India, please sign up here.

To check out our ongoing eco-efforts, visit the Gracechurch forest.


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