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Elevating industry standards with BIBA

We are delighted to have again been included in the 2024 BIBA Manifesto.


Our partnership with BIBA allows us to help influence standards across the industry by objectively demonstrating what great service looks like. The “Voice of the Broker programme” is developing quickly and encompasses a range of important research into vital topics such as the benefits of technology and vulnerable customers.


The BIBA Gracechurch UK Insurers Monitor is objective, robust and high quality using advanced analytics: our dataset now comprises over 20,000 individual insurer NPS ratings covering both the claims and placing side.


Through the research we are engaging with all parts of the UK insurance community: these professionals contribute to our surveys and share in the insights that lead to constructive conversations and market-wide improvement.


We work closely with leading Insurers, Brokers and others across the market using our data and knowledge to help them get an edge on their competitors, build successful brands and plan for future success. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch.  

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